Admission to the first year of studies

Admission for the first year of studies is through an entrance exam. Be aware that new rules have been implemented in 2018!

For whom ?

Candidates must be curious and open-minded youngsters with a feel for culture and arts. They must hold a Baccalauréat (A-levels or equivalent) and be under 35 years old. Foreign candidates should have a minimum French level of B2. Preparatory year is not mandatory.
In 2018, 347 candidates applied for the school’s entrance exam. Among them, 152 came from Normandy, mainly from Calvados (83) and Manche (34). 73 candidates came from Paris and its surroundings, the others were from all parts of France and some from other countries.


What for ?


To satisfy your tremendous curiosity and your taste for experimentation. To engage in exciting studies and feed your artistic practice, your general knowledge and your critical mind. To obtain a European degree allowing you to spend a semester abroad.


If you are worried about entering higher education straight away or unsure about your choice of career, or if you do not feel ready to pass the entrance exam yet, you are free to register for the school’s preparatory class located on Cherbourg campus. Registration for admission to the prep class happens after the results of the first year’s entrance exams.


How to register ?

Registration is not possible through the general higher education platform « Parcoursup » but directly at the school, online. Once they have registered for the exam, the candidates come to the school to produce an artistic work be interviewed by a jury who evaluates the results of their work as well as their portfolio. Then, the candidates who validate this step will pass written tests (English and general culture).
Among the 274 candidates present at the school for the 2018 entrance exam, 177 passed the first round of tests and 66 have been accepted (111 are on a supplementary list).



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