Technical workshops

Thanks to the school’s technical workshops and specialized technicians, the students have access to a wide range of tools and know-how.

Whether it is in the frame of a course or for personal work, students can reach to the technicians in the workshop of their choice : they will have guidance through every step of the conception and realization of their work. The technicians also provide training modules to first-year students.

Technical workshops are open from 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 18:30. For personal projects please make an appointment with the technician. 

On the campus of Caen, the technical workshops are gathered in poles :

  • Volume : ceramics (Séverine Dufust), wood (Xavier Leprettre), iron and forge (Jacky Le Gallo).
  • Print : printmaking (Julien Pelletier), silkscreen printing (Simon Grépinet) and lithography (Jean-Marc Thomas), along with print (Vincent Coatantiec).
  • Image and sound : photography (Michèle Gottstein), video (Eddy Manerlax), sound (Alain Quellier), multimedia (Thierry Topic) and studio modulaire (Jason Cook). 
  Ateliers techniques / sérigraphie / Simon Grépinet
  Ateliers techniques / son / Atelier 24/48 Nicolas Germain
  #Ateliers techniques / imprimerie / Eric Paquotte
  Ateliers techniques / vidéo / Eddy Manerlax
  Ateliers techniques / lithographie / Jean-Marc Thomas
  Ateliers techniques / fer / Jacky Le Gallo
  Ateliers techniques / son / Alain Quellier
  #Ateliers techniques / lithographie / Jean-Marc Thomas
  Ateliers techniques / gravure / Julien Pelletier
  Métal / Atelier de Caen / Jacky Le Gallo
  Ateliers techniques / céramique / Séverine Dufust
  # Ateliers techniques / Materiaux composites / Christian Gabard
  Ateliers techniques / photo / Michèle Gottstein