Admission to the following years of studies

Admission at other levels than the first year is subject to an interview with a commission of teachers during the month of June.



For whom ?


Students who have validated one or several years of studies in one of the Art schools led by the French Ministry of Culture go through a “commission d’admission”. Students who have validated at least two years of studies in another art school, in France or abroad go through a “commission d’équivalence”.
Last year, 40% of the candidates came from an Art school, 40% from a Technical degree and 20% from University.


What for ?

By asserting their former experience and showing a strong wish (for themselves and for the school) to join one of the courses offered at ésam Caen/Cherbourg, candidates can be included in the second or the third year of the Bachelor degree in Art or Graphic Design, or a Master degree.
Among the 117 applications received in 2017, 36 have been accepted (10 in the second year of Graphic Design, 9 in the second year of Fine Arts and 10 in the fourth year of Fine Arts).

How to register ?

After applying online, the candidates are called for an interview with a jury of teachers, taking place at the school in June. They must bring a portfolio of their work and show great motivation.