Teaching staff

During their studies at ésam Caen/Cherbourg, students are guided by a team of 31 professionals recognized on the national and international artistic scene.

They work with the students individually or collectively during workshops, ateliers, theoretical classes, seminars, interview and evaluations. They often invite guest lecturers or artists to enrich their courses and give new points of view on the students’ work.

List of guests


Some teachers have been chosen by their peers to coordinate the studies :


Teaching staff (by alphabetical order) :

Deepak Ananth, Juliet Bates, Abir Bellaïd, Christophe Bouder, Laurent Buffet, Simonetta Cargioli, Paul Collins, Muriel Couteau, David Dronet, Céline Duval, Sarah Fouquet, Nicolas Germain, Juanma Gomez, Lina Hentgen, Benjamin Hochart, David K’Dual, Adeline Keil, Alice Laguarda, Myriam Mechita, Jean-Jacques Passera, Isabelle Prim, Maxence Rifflet, Tanya Rodgers, Alexandre Rolla, Françoise Schein, Phil Stephens, Pierre Tatu, Maxime Thieffine, Didier Tirard, Thierry Weyd, Emmanuel Zwenger

  #Workshop illustration / DG3 - Editions / Evelise Millet / Novembre 2017
  #Workshop "Coquillage et crustacés" / Multi-années / David Evrard / Octobre 2018
  #Rencontre avec Félix, illustrateur / DG3 / Sarah Fouquet / Mars 2018
  #Workshop vidéo / Celluloïd / DNSEP2 / Lina Hentgen / Oct.2017
  #Workshop photo / DG3 / Christophe Bouder
  #Atelier perspective / DNA1 / Françoise Schein / Décembre 2017
  #Workshop gravure et photopolymère / Multi-années / Adeline Keil / Octobre 2018
  #Accrochage DNSEP option Art / Alice Laguarda / Juin 2018
  #Workshop "Estampe, oeuvre étendue" / Paul Collins / Décembre 2017
  #Accrochage DNSEP option Communication / Maxence Rifflet / Juin 2018
  #Workshop "Photographie/sérigraphie" / DNA3 - DNSEP1 / Adeline Keil / Mars 2017
  #Workshop avec Etienne Charry / Éditions / Novembre 2017
  #Atelier volume / DNA1 / Phil Stephens / Novembre 2017